Transform a room by hanging a colorful Kilim rug on the wall above the bed or sofa

Fun ways to style rugs in your home!

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I LOVE Kilim rugs. Maybe it is that tiny bit of Turkish heritage, or maybe it is the bright colors and handmade patterns that have made me fall in love with them over and over again.

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Fun pink Kilim from Kaya Kilims, Vintage Klim cushions found at a shop in Portland. 

Rugs are most often thought of as textiles for the floor. However, you see them draped on walls in showrooms too. It made me wonder, where else can you put rugs? Today, I am going to share some unique ideas to inspire you to play around with your rugs. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Rug from Nomad Collective, Macrame cot by Modern Macrame.

A classic patterned rug looks great with my macrame! This size would actually look amazing in other uses as well, like over a bed or over the sofa in your living room.

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This rug is one of my all time favorites, and one of the first I got from Kaya Kilims. I LOVE pink. It is so cheerful.

Again, a classic use. Part of my (sometimes!) morning practice is stretching out on that rug. The cheerful and bright colors are a good start to my day.

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Floor rug bought off Instagram! Banister cover rug from Poco Vintage. artwork on the wall was a collaboration between myself and Halley Roberts. 

What about draping a rug over the banister of the second floor? Why not?

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Why not throw a rug over a sofa for extra boho vibes? This beauty is from Poco Vintage, and the two on the floor are from Kaya Kilims.

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Layering rugs can make for wonderful texture. The top rug was found thrifting in Arizona, the middle is from Nomad Collective, and the bottom one I found on Craigslist. Beautiful wooden sculpture by my friend Aleph Geddis.

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Counter rug found thrifting in Arizona. Rug in kitchen found at the Rosebowl Flea.

I was thinking for a while what to do with the area under our bar counter space, and thought that putting a rug there was a playful solution. It makes me think that if we do tile there in the future, I want it in a lighter color palette.

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Rug from Poco Vintage, pillow from Whimsy and Row, throw blanket found at Palace Store.

I LOVE rugs as headboards. It is such a beautiful and dramatic way to totally alter your bedroom. This one above is a new favorite rug from Poco Vintage. I like hanging a rug over a bed too, because if it falls it won’t hurt you, so its’ safe for earthquake prone locations.

Patterned Rugs at A Headboard

Bright Kilim Rugs as A Headboard? YES PLEASE

This one is from Kaya Kilims and was part of a design project I completed last summer for the Portland Tiny House airbnb.

And another favorite, draping the rug over your bed as a bedspread. I love the weight and warmth it would add too for cozy winter sleeping.

I can’t wait to hear your ideas for using rugs in interesting and new ways! Share below!



17 thoughts on “Fun ways to style rugs in your home!”

  1. Jill says:

    Does anyone have advice or tutorials for actually physically hanging a rug on the wall? Especially if it is large and/or heavy? I have a beautiful Kyrgyz rug that I want to hang, but it’s so heavy!

    • Hi Jill, honestly we just nailed this one into the wall, I think you would want to get a wooden dowel or curtain rod to hang it over!

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  6. sarah hardeman says:

    Where is the black and white pillow in the last picture from? SO cute!

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