A few days in Oslo

When I think of Norway, pink walls and brightly colored buildings aren’t at the top of my mind, but when I visited the winter blanketed city in February, I was shown a warm welcome full of color and culture. My dear friends who opened Copenhagen […]

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Baja, Mexico. Be Here Now.

This year for my birthday, I partnered with Alaska Airlines to get away from the chilly December of Portland, and headed to Baja, Mexico. We flew nonstop from PDX to San Jose Del Cabo which took less than 3.5 hours, and rented a car easily […]

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DINING: Criollo, Oaxaca City

While in Oaxaca this October, I had the pleasure of dining at Criollo with the group from Thread Caravan. I had just watched the Chefs Table Documentary about Pujol,¬†and unfortunately didn’t make reservations in time, but I had been dying to try his food. Lucky […]

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DC and Baltimore, January 2017

We flew into town for the Women’s March on Washington. Over 20 of us.  My friend Gretchen who started this incredible org Good Support, organized accommodations, travel, back up plans in case it got sketchy… But the march was anything but sketchy. It was affirming […]

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modern macrame studio

Studio Diaries: Choosing the right sofa

When I decided to stay in my studio and take over the entire space instead of trying to find a new space, I knew I needed to make it feel cozy, as well as maintaining the open layout and flexibility of the space.

People used to come into the studio and not have anywhere to sit. There wasn’t enough room! But with the expansion now possible, that needed to change.

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Dining: Upton 43

Last week in Minneapolis, our friend Marina invited us to dine at her work. I didn’t know where we were going until we arrived, enchanted by the stark Scandi + Japanese inspired design. From the handmade cutlery trays, to the gusto with which each dish arrived, the details were perfectly executed.

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celebration cookie recipe from Magic dream life

Five Year Celebration cookies

I like to make these cookies before a party, camping trip, or potluck. They are always a crowd pleaser, full of fun ingredients. This time, I am making them to take to a music festival where my sweetheart and I will camp for 4 days […]

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blueberry muffins - Magic Dream Life

Simple Blueberry Breakfast Muffins

I always love coming downstairs to a clean kitchen, but not a perfectly immaculate kitchen. I like it to feel lived in and not too precious, but still clean and organized. We keep our liqueur neatly on a shelf, along with cutting boards and appliances […]


Spring Re-Arrangments

On Valentines day, we stayed home and rearranged the living room. It’s one of our favorite things to do, reimagine our space, light some candles, burn some sage or palo santo, and put on some fun jams while caring for the plants, and spending time […]