DINING: Criollo, Oaxaca City

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While in Oaxaca this October, I had the pleasure of dining at Criollo with the group from Thread Caravan.

I had just watched the Chefs Table Documentary about Pujol, and unfortunately didn’t make reservations in time, but I had been dying to try his food.

Lucky for me, the first night of our weaving in Oaxaca retreat kicked off with this fabulous many coursed meal. Everything was just right, even down to the handmade soap.

Add it to your list of places to visit when staying in Oaxaca city. You dine outside and the atmosphere is laid back but elegantly considered.

It would be a gorgeous spot for lunch too..

Criollo best of oaxaca

Dessert was amazing at Criollo in Oaxaca

Dessert was amazing.


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