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Macrame Workshop in Brooklyn

Earlier this month I was in Brooklyn teaching a new kind of workshop in collaboration with my friend Liza who is a florist. We met briefly on her 30th birthday while Adam and I were visiting NYC, and since then we have been getting to […]


Summer Garden Party

This spring, now moving into summer, my neighborhood¬†is full of flowers blooming and friends living around the corner. I was walking the dog around the block,¬†and ran into my dear friend Allison. She invited me to a pink food party. It was also the housewarming […]

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Dinner with Anne

You know you are going to eat something delicious when Anne Parker invites you over for dinner. My lovely friend and stylist extraordinaire had been traveling for over 2 months, to Uganda, Turkey, to joining me for a special birthday CSN concert in LA, and […]

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